Flatcoat Retriever

News 2016

So very proud to have been  have been awarded the:

Accolade of Excellence in the Assured Breeder Scheme!

"Dublin" Multich Multiw Castlerock Simply Magic, prop. Anette Dyrén

SKK Stora Stockholm, SV-16 : BOB, BIG and BIS

Stockholm INT, "Dublin" Multich Multiw Castlerock Simply Magic went BOB, Group-1 and BIS-2 out of almost 4000 entries, so extremely proud of him!!!
NEFRA Ch.Sh. Judge mrs. Louise Jones
Castlerock Cosmic Hattie: RCC
Prop. Gail Griffiths, handled by Alex Newton
Anette Dyrén's words:

Speechless..."Dublin" ❤ Multich Multiwinner Castlerock Simply Magic wins his 8th!!! all breed BIS at Sundsvall INT out of almost 3000 dogs!!! So extremely proud of this dog I can't really find words!!!!!!
RCC at Driffield 2016 - judge Rob Ashcroft
ShCh Castlerock Magic's Stake on Clearfield, owner Christine Whitmore: RCC
Sh.Ch.Castlerock Magic Moment JW "Magic" is Top Brood bitch this year up to end September in U.K.
I am a very proud breeder, three different Castlerocks have taken the rdcc at 3 shows during September:
 * Sh.Ch.Castlerock Magic's Stake on Clearfield today at Driffield
* Castlerock First Glance for Whirleymere at Belfast
* Castlerock Burning Love to Heatheridge JW at Birmingham
 Thank you to their owner's for campaigning them.

Well done to all the winner's today at Driffield.

At Leeds Championship Show
Judge Russell Mosedale

Lewis gained his 3rd CC  and is now ShCh Castlerock Magic's Stake on Clearfield, owner Christine Whitmore

Also went on to recieve Group 2 in the Group under judge John Thirlwell

* Chance (Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere) Owned and handled by Charlotte Smith, won his postgraduate class

ShCh Castlerock Magic's Stake on Clearfield

At Birmingham  National Championship Show today 5th May 2016 great results for Castlerock!

* Drifter (Castlerock Burning Love at Heatheridge JW) won Junior, 2nd in yearling behind the dcc winner and was considered for the rdcc.
Owned and handled by Sue Pingree.
* Chance (Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere)  won strong post grad class.
Owned and handled by Charlotte Smith.
* Hattie (Castlerock Cosmic Hattie) 4th in post grad
Owned by Gail Griffiths. Handled by Alex Webster.
* Gaode (Flatham's Gaode Delbax from Castlerock JW Imp Swe 4th in her first Open Bitch class, handled by Charlotte Smith.
* Breeze (Castlerock the Wonder of You at Garregwen) 3rd Junior
Owned and handled by Glynnis Hancock.
* Indi (Castlerock Could it be Magic at Garregwen) won veteran and then went on to win the BCC.

Also, at the Swedish Flatcoat Club show in Sweden:

* Dublin (Multi Champion Castlerock Simply Magic) BIS
Owned and handled by Anette Dyren.
Also quite a number of Dublin's progeny and great grand-kids were in the awards.

Drifter "Castlerock Burning Love at Heatheridge" was BOB today at Wellingborough Open Show gaining the last point needed for his JW And Storm "Sh.Ch.Castlerock Stormy Knight at Hetheridge won BV Gundog. Judge Bob Needham. Really pleased for Sue.

27th of March

Very pleased with Gaode (Flatham's Gaode Delbax from Castlerock JW). She won open, BOB and BIS 4 at Gundog Club of North Wales. Judge Glynnis Williams. Baby River won graduate but stood alone. Hattie (Castlerock Cosmic Hattie) won post grad. It is the first open show I have been to For absolutely ages And in the challenge there were 3 Castlerocks. Very proud of them all and we had a lot of fun. Very well organised show.

What a fantastic day we had at crufts!!!

So proud of all the castlerocks that were entered.

* Drifter "Castlerock Burning Love at Heatheridge" 2nd puppy dog and 4th junior dog for his lovely owner Sue Pingree.

* His litter sister my own River "Castlerock Its Now or Never" 3rd puppy bitch handled by Charlotte Smith. Both qualifying for crufts 2017.

* Chance "Castlerock First Glance" 4th post grad dog, amazing after 10 weeks without exercise due to cutting the webbing in his foot.

* Hattie "Castlerock Cosmic Hattie" 3rd post grad bitch owned by Gail Griffiths and beautifully handled as always by Alex Newton.

* Bb "Castlerock Stormy Song JW" shortlisted in a lovely veteran class and

* Gaode "Flatham's Gaode Delbax from Castlerock JW." shortlisted in mid-limit.

* Last but not least "Dublin" Multi Champion Castlerock Simply Magic winning a huge open class, DCC and B.O.B for the second year and 4th in Gundog Group showed his socks off for his lovely owner Anette Dyren.

Thank you to their owner's for campaigning Castlerock Flatcoats.

Hattie "Castlerock Cosmic Hattie"
"Chance" Castlerock First Glance
Bb "Castlerock Stormy Song JW"
River "Castlerock Its Now or Never"
Picture taken by Maria Antich

"Dublin" Multi Champion Castlerock Simply Magic BOB at Crufts 2015
( reserve BIS) & 2016 (4th best in group)